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About The Full Monte

The Full Monte is a collection of news and informational videos and articles. We share and write about current events, politics, science, medicine, freedom, America, world news and religion/spirituality. We also contribute a bit to the survival niches as well and have written a few free e-books for those interested in getting prepared. Chances are now days with people realizing we are all ‘one’ and more and more people are looking out for each other, when ‘shit’ hits the fan you may not end up dying, but it may be one uncomfortable year or two without a few things prepared.

We’re not about scaring anyone, only informing. We take a lighter side of the news and world events, we at The Full Monte believe in hope, belief that people are overly good, and the light always wins. These are simply challenges that god has given us to raise our spirits higher and reveal in each other the qualities of God.

​Learn how to Protect Your Freedoms ​while ​Thriving during Economic, Political and Natural Disasters

Get access to our free library of information ​and get in depth interviews with professionals in survival and general life hacks you should know. As well opportunities on how to prosper and protect your freedoms as a human citizen!

We also do not represent one single god more so a collection of spiritual teachings from across the world. There is a golden thread, and we are all connected to it. God!

Feel free to check out our content and if you have any questions at all contact us.