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The Truth About Chads + Stop Watching Porn!

Published in Funny, News, Science, Spirituality on 21st December 2018

Why are men settling for 5’s and 6’s on Tinder? Why have their standards dropped so low? And why are more women watching violent, degrading porn?

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Vegans Want to Ban Phrase “Bringing Home The Bacon”

Published in Funny, News on 4th December 2018

Classic saying considered “oppressive, promotes abuse” Ben Warren | – December 3, 2018 Vegans and other activists are slamming use of phrases like “bringing home the bacon” and “your goose is cooked.” Traditional “meat-based” metaphors are now considered a throwback of a “societal power” that oppressed “disadvantaged groups,” according to a researcher at Swansea University. […]

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“I Identify as a Half Eaten Gogurt Tube”

Published in Funny on 3rd December 2018

The Fable of Jordan Peterson “Just like Little Red Riding Hood walking to grandma’s house, but then you get there and it’s not grandma. It’s a wolf. With great big teeth so he can eat you and he gobbles you up. Well that’s how you get Nazi Germany. And I’m not doin’ it.” – Jordan […]

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Bettina Arndt on the Politics of Cleavage

Published in Funny, News on 1st December 2018

The Shaming Culture and BOOBS! Fox Sports Radio Host Goes off on “Boobs” on CNN

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University Trains Staff to Use Hockey Pucks to Thwart Active Shooters

Published in Funny, News on 29th November 2018

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) — Faculty members at Oakland University in suburban Detroit have received hockey pucks and are being trained to use them to potentially thwart active shooters. WDIV-TV reports the American Association of University Professors distributed pucks to its 800 members. University Police Chief Mark Gordon says to fight effectively, faculty and students need […]

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Writer Claims “Lord of the Rings” Racist, Discriminates Against Orcs

Published in Funny, News on 28th November 2018

Compares migrants to misunderstood fictional characters By Dan Lyman Monday, November 26, 2018 A fantasy writer asserts that author J.R.R. Tolkien embedded themes of racism in his eternal classics The Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit by depicting orcs and similar creatures as races of evil, inferior brutes. Author Andy Duncan offered this opinion […]

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“Under Capitalism, Man Oppresses Man. Under Socialism, It’s the Other Way Around.”

Published in Funny, Politics on 26th November 2018

Cortez Logic for the Slow

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Social Justice Warriors vs. Logic Thug Life Compilation

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Snoop Dog – Anti-Gun Poster Boy Who Promotes Gun Violence?

Published in Funny, News on 14th March 2017

Snoop Dog – Promotes Gun Violence and Gun Bans! Yeah, that makes sense! The ultimate hypocrisy. Although the world would be safer with fewer guns in the hands of TV, movie, music and internet mind controlled thugs, a culture created by the worst hierarchy criminals and their helpers INTENTIONALLY for temporary power, profits, addictions, benefits […]

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Crazy Feminists Go NUTS Over Funny Viral Video

Published in Funny, News on 13th March 2017

Feminists FURIOUS at Funny Kid Video Guess who got offended? Paul Joseph Watson | – March 12, 2017 Feminists are INSANE. Heck, don’t they know, the majority of Mommies would LOVE BEING STAY AT HOME MOMS WHO RUN THE HOUSEHOLD while their Husbands work? …That’s many a womans DREAM not to have to leave […]

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