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Donald Trump Never Coming Down Victory Dance

Published in Funny on 11th March 2017

Chris Leonard We’re back to glory, we’re back on the track of American exceptionalism. Exceptional craftsmanship, exceptional values, exceptional beauty and exceptional human beings, of all walks of life and led by the single most exceptional man ever to grace our country with his presence: Donald John Trump, my personal hero, my icon, the man […]

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PewDiePie – Pwns Wallstreet Journal and Declining Media Power

Published in Funny, News on 25th February 2017

Top YouTuber PewDiePie Calls Out Mainstream Media’s Declining Power Felix Kjellberg red pills his 53 million subscribers on collapsing trust in corporate press Paul Joseph Watson | – February 24, 2017 The most popular content creator on YouTube has called out the mainstream media’s declining influence and failing business model in a stunning rebuke. […]

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SJW Fast Food Anti-Trump Protesters…. Get Fired For Not Going to Work!

Published in Funny, News on 23rd February 2017

Fast Food CEO on Anti-Trump Protesters: Don’t Show for Work, Get Fired Illegals outing themselves as illegals by going to protests Jamie White | – February 22, 2017 Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi said that business owners have every right to fire employees that chose to participate in the “Day Without Immigrants” protests rather […]

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Transgender (MAN to FEMALE) Wins State Wrestling Tournament

Published in Funny, News on 21st February 2017

Transgender On Steroids Wins Girls’ State Wrestling Tournament Parents file lawsuit claiming ‘imminent threat of bodily harm’ Daily Mail – February 20, 2017 A transgender teenager won a girls wrestling contest on Saturday despite attempts from other competitors’ parents to stop him from taking part.  Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old from Euless, Texas, has been taking […]

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Owen Shroyer Infowars – “You’re the Dumbest Protestor Yet”

Published in Funny on 19th February 2017

Fat Old Man Gets Owned by Owen Shroyer While Younger Protestors Can Maintain a Conversation (Trump Rally) Interview with “Dumbest Protestor Yet” starts at 9:55

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