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The Truth About Chads + Stop Watching Porn!

Published in Funny, News, Science, Spirituality on 21st December 2018

Why are men settling for 5’s and 6’s on Tinder? Why have their standards dropped so low? And why are more women watching violent, degrading porn?

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BREAKING: Collapse Of Buzzfeed And Other Leftist Censors

Published in News on 9th December 2018

Americans wising up to leftist media’s dirty tricks The Alex Jones Show – December 9, 2018 Buzzfeed, the London Guardian, the Weekly Standard, the Daily Beast, and other leftist news organizations are crumbling as the population is growing wise to their dirty tricks and lies. Mark Dice and Alex Jones discuss fake news organizations that […]

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Published in News, Science on 5th December 2018

‘Their ability to manipulate the algorithm is something that they’ve demonstrated,’ says expert Mac Slavo | SHTF Plan – DECEMBER 5, 2018 John Stossel has recently said that Google and Facebook aren’t just guilty of censorship, but they cross “the creepy line” of suppression of speech daily. Both companies have an obvious agenda, and they have proven that […]

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Behold! The Chinese Century Is In The Crosshairs

Published in News, Politics on 4th December 2018

Trump and other nationalist leaders won’t allow China to dictate the world’s future Jon Bowne | – December 3, 2018 President Trump put the case forward that the United States is at an unfair industrial advantage globally. Trump recently took the future of American jobs to the G10 globalist confab in Argentina. The tense […]

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Vegans Want to Ban Phrase “Bringing Home The Bacon”

Published in Funny, News on 4th December 2018

Classic saying considered “oppressive, promotes abuse” Ben Warren | – December 3, 2018 Vegans and other activists are slamming use of phrases like “bringing home the bacon” and “your goose is cooked.” Traditional “meat-based” metaphors are now considered a throwback of a “societal power” that oppressed “disadvantaged groups,” according to a researcher at Swansea University. […]

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Trump Wins: UN’s Insidious Migration Agenda Halted in Tijuana, Mexico

Published in News, Politics on 4th December 2018

New Mexican President attempts to resolve the crisis Greg Reese | – December 4, 2018 For now, it seems like Mexico is going to help with the migrant caravan and not allow them into the United States after newly elected Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed an agreement to help Honduras, El Salvador […]

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Here is what Julian Assange wanted us to know right before his internet was cut

Published in News, Politics, Science on 3rd December 2018

“Intelligent evil dust, it’s everywhere in everything” and “The generation being born now is the last to be free” What was he talking about? Smart Dust Smartdust involves 5G wireless and IoT as I will soon explain. First, here’s Assange describing it in his own words: Youtube Mirror Bitchute Mirror It’s interesting to note that […]

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Bettina Arndt on the Politics of Cleavage

Published in Funny, News on 1st December 2018

The Shaming Culture and BOOBS! Fox Sports Radio Host Goes off on “Boobs” on CNN

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University Trains Staff to Use Hockey Pucks to Thwart Active Shooters

Published in Funny, News on 29th November 2018

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) — Faculty members at Oakland University in suburban Detroit have received hockey pucks and are being trained to use them to potentially thwart active shooters. WDIV-TV reports the American Association of University Professors distributed pucks to its 800 members. University Police Chief Mark Gordon says to fight effectively, faculty and students need […]

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Leaked! Secret UN Migrant Report That Will Destroy All Borders

Published in News, Politics on 29th November 2018

Find out how the social engineers plan on imploding societies Owen Shroyer | – November 28, 2018

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