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Warning For Humanity: Masses Deliberately Poisoned With Toxic Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, 5G Wireless, Hormone Disruptors, Dirty Vaccines

Published in Medicine + Health, News, Politics, Science, Spirituality on 25th November 2018

Depopulation madness spreading by design (Natural News) “Walking along a street in any crumbling urban area in this country you see miserable faces staring blankly as they trudge through their lives on the road to nowhere or wasting time absorbed by trivialities and bullshit emanating from their iGadgets,” writes Jim Quinn in an especially prescient […]

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Oil Crashes to Lowest Level in Over a Year after Trump Puts Pressure on Saudi Arabia

Published in News, Politics on 24th November 2018

Oil prices dropped sharply on Friday as traders came to grips Donald Trump’s demands that Saudi Arabia keep oil prices low. The U.S. benchmark, West Texas Intermediate futures, fell by as much as 7 percent at its lows of the day, briefly slipping below $50 a barrel. Despite rebounding a bit to $51 a barrel […]

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Trump Gives Jim Mattis Authority to Broaden Troop Border Activities

Published in News, Politics on 24th November 2018

President Donald Trump has given Defense Secretary Jim Mattis the authority to allow troops at the Southwest border to perform “military protective activities” he deems necessary to protect troops and border patrol agents, according to a White House memo viewed by Breitbart News. Those activities include “a show or use of force (including lethal force, […]

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Mexican Businesswoman At Caravan Protest: ‘I Support Trump. I Love that He Is A Nationalist’

Published in News, Politics on 22nd November 2018

“I love that he fights for his people and that’s what we as Mexicans should do here.” Video out of Mexico shows a Mexican business woman praising Donald Trump saying she loves “that he fights for his people” and “that’s what we as Mexicans should do here.” “I am Mexican. I support Trump,” the woman […]

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Powerful Tucker Carlson: We Must Build A Pro-Human Future

Published in Politics on 21st November 2018

This is what happens when Ben Shapiro isn’t debating children Tucker Carlson, Fox News host and author of “Ship of Fools”, joins Ben to discuss the social impact of rapid technological advances, what role government should or shouldn’t play in the economy, and how both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are able to appeal to […]

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Prisoners Optimistic on Trump Pardon Alongside Thanksgiving Turkeys

Published in News, Politics on 21st November 2018

When President Trump “pardons” a pair of Thanksgiving turkeys on Tuesday, prisoners will be watching and hoping that Trump breaks with tradition and frees human beings alongside lucky birds. This year, optimism is fueled by signs that the White House and Justice Department are processing clemency requests, as Trump denounces perceived unfairness in criminal sentencing […]

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Trump Budget Director: ‘We’re Not Spending Money On Climate Change Anymore’

Published in Politics on 17th March 2017

Trump Budget Director: ‘We’re Not Spending Money On Climate Change Anymore’ No more waste on programs “just because they sound good” Dan Lyman | – March 17, 2017 Mike Mulvaney, President Trump’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, mowed down anxious queries from reporters during a press conference to discuss the revolutionary […]

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Google Complying to Sharia-Law

Published in News, Politics on 17th March 2017

Google to Target Criticism of Islam in New Censorship Purge Website that describes Islam as “intolerant” listed as example of “upsetting/offensive” content Paul Joseph Watson | – March 17, 2017 One of the examples cited by Google for what it now considers “upsetting-offensive” content that will be subject to flagging, de-listing and possible censorship […]

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#SuperFail Rachel Maddow on Trump Tax Returns

Published in News, Politics on 16th March 2017

Rachel Maddows Big Moment – FAILED. Trump Paid 25% in Income Tax! The only fail I see here is a Info Wars writer photo shopping a sad face and a happy face and a story line of how she failed in her story, when she in her story speculated the way the 2 pages of […]

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