Navy Seals Talk About HUGE Pedophile Roundup After Trump Election

Published in News on 17th March 2017
Navy Seals Talk About HUGE Pedophile Roundup After Trump Election

Navy Seal Insider Reveals Secret Behind Pedophile Roundup

The streets of America are being made safer with child predators finally being targeted

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I work in this arena. I know sex-offenders for crimes against imaginary people. In fact, sex crimes are the most easy crimes to lie about. Just ask Mark Kay Spindler of SC. She not only lied about her kidnapping, she said she was raped when she was actually just skipping school to go see her older lover, get drunk, and screw. Then there is Rachel Dolezal. Then there was Duke LaCaross. Then UVA. The reality is most sex crimes are BS. Most are he said he said. As for the elite of this world doing things? I would not doubt it at all, but really, go down to your local courtrooms and sit for a while. None of the elite are there. It is all the average person trying to fight BS cases which of course takes a lot of cash, so they have to plead guilty to things they never did.

The elite? You will never see them there. Ever.