Saturday Night Live Another Fail Against Trump

Published in News, Politics on 13th March 2017
Saturday Night Live Another Fail Against Trump

Infowars Take on Trump Speech Feb 2017The socialists have never had anything new or original to contribute. All the 12 Rules for Radicals by their mentor Saul Alinsky are developed BECAUSE they have nothing to contribute. They attack the person BECAUSE they cannot debunk the truth. All the lies, all the deception, all the misrepresentation and fraud is based on inverting the interpretation of the truth to support their agenda. And, again, this is true BECAUSE they have nothing original to contribute. They are actors in a script written by the globalizers.

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This is true of all socialism — communist, fascist or globalist — it is totalitarian and supported by mind control through repetitive propaganda. And they admit it. This is no epiphany, this is common sense. And if common sense has become so uncommon it is because of the socialist brainwashing.