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So.. Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells? Yeah It’s Been Said Before.

Published in Medicine + Health, Science on 28th November 2018

By Susan Boskey Until recently chemotherapy and radiation have been considered the only game in town for someone to attempt to beat cancer. This, despite the fact that such treatments are poisons destroying the health of the immune system and its vital healing function while killing cancer cells — definitely counter-intuitive. Fortunately, cancer patients have gained […]

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Medical myth busted: Cancer is primarily a metabolic disorder, NOT a genetic disease

Published in Medicine + Health on 27th November 2018

Many of us are under the mistaken impression that getting cancer is very much a case of bad luck, that there is very little we can do to prevent this deadly disease. The truth is, however, that the vast majority of cancers can be avoided through simple lifestyle changes like maintaining a healthy weight, not […]

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