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#SuperFail Rachel Maddow on Trump Tax Returns

Published in News, Politics on 16th March 2017

Rachel Maddows Big Moment – FAILED. Trump Paid 25% in Income Tax! The only fail I see here is a Info Wars writer photo shopping a sad face and a happy face and a story line of how she failed in her story, when she in her story speculated the way the 2 pages of […]

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Donald Trump Never Coming Down Victory Dance

Published in Funny on 11th March 2017

Chris Leonard We’re back to glory, we’re back on the track of American exceptionalism. Exceptional craftsmanship, exceptional values, exceptional beauty and exceptional human beings, of all walks of life and led by the single most exceptional man ever to grace our country with his presence: Donald John Trump, my personal hero, my icon, the man […]

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President Trump Never Had The Flu Shot… Or the Flu!

Published in Medicine + Health on 21st February 2017

President Donald Trump has never had the flu shot… and never got the flu, either – coincidence? President Donald Trump says, “I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body, which is basically what they do.” If you don’t know it by now, most people who get the flu are those injected […]

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