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Trump Wins: UN’s Insidious Migration Agenda Halted in Tijuana, Mexico

Published in News, Politics on 4th December 2018

New Mexican President attempts to resolve the crisis Greg Reese | NewsWars.com – December 4, 2018 For now, it seems like Mexico is going to help with the migrant caravan and not allow them into the United States after newly elected Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed an agreement to help Honduras, El Salvador […]

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Honduran Man Throws Rocks At Border Patrol In First Caravan-Related Violence

Published in News, Politics on 26th November 2018

The man had previously been arrested in the US and deported last June Zero Hedge – November 25, 2018 In an incident that echoed the violent clash between migrants and Mexican police that unfolded a month ago when a caravan of migrants attempted to cross into Mexico from Guatemala, the first episode of migrant-caravan related […]

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