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Graham Attacks Trump, Obama Double Standard On Using Tear Gas To Protect The Border

Published in News, Politics on 28th November 2018

Mike Brest | Reporter South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham pointed out Tuesday night the hypocrisy surrounding both President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump’s use of tear gas to prevent people from crossing the southern border during his appearance on Hannity. A group of about 100 migrants near the San Ysidro port of entry threw […]

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The Unelected Keep Telling Our Elected President to Shut Up

Published in News, Politics on 25th November 2018

Unless you count the vice president, there is only one person elected by the whole of America. There is only one person chosen by We the People to represent 330 million of us. There is only one person who earned the votes through our constitutional process to speak for all — and that is the […]

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