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1,500 Pedophiles and Traffickers Arrest Since Trump Took Office – Media Silent

Published in News, Politics on 26th November 2018

In January this year, California launched a massive statewide operation against pedophiles. Over 474 of these child predators were arrested. 28 commercial and sexually-exploited children, as well as 27 adult victims were rescued during the operation. The Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force and more than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies […]

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Special Report: Inside The Satanic Trans Cult Recruitment Program For Children

Published in News, Science, Spirituality on 22nd November 2018

Gender confusion pushed on kids as young as 5-years-old Public schools across America are pushing gender confusion on children as young as five, in the globalists’ ongoing Satanic effort to sterilize the population. Watch this report on the trans agenda BANNED by YouTube: “Shocking Drag Tots Cartoon Sparks Outrage”

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Navy Seals Talk About HUGE Pedophile Roundup After Trump Election

Published in News on 17th March 2017

Navy Seal Insider Reveals Secret Behind Pedophile Roundup The streets of America are being made safer with child predators finally being targeted Infowars Nightly News – March 17, 2017 First Last I work in this arena. I know sex-offenders for crimes against imaginary people. In fact, sex crimes are the most easy crimes to lie […]

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